Transforming future family homes towards energy independence

We at Unit Solutions spent thousands of hours working with world-class labs and engineers to develop our building hero “THE MASTER UNIT” and turned this modern high performance insulation building material into “SYSTEM 4” the new generation of buildings.

Our building solution is a healthy, lightweight, highly resistant, temperature-neutral, sound-absorbing, waterproof, nontoxic and environmentally friendly pre-fabricated construction solution.

The material features unite to deliver elements that involves you in your new home, the way homes was meant to be “a Safe and healthy place to be in”.

Unit Solutions is honored to contribute to the world's strategy to improve building energy efficiency, striving towards 21st century energy independence. Unit Solutions symbolize our desire to change the world for the better. Using our resources responsively can affect our outlook on the day ahead but more importantly, it impacts our perspective, society and planet.

the real solution - a pure building experience

tomorrows - state of the art building technology

Our Vision is, that with a new building system and its thoughtful design and technology can take us into the next generation of buildings, create them more effective, fun to build and Eco-friendly. This system can help to increase people’s awareness for the beauty and vulnerability of our planet.

“The most effective way to build must save worldwide resources and should protect our environment and mankind. Unit Solutions has developed an expertise and it´s giving a new alternative way on how to build a future worth living.”

– John H. Haritos (Founder of Unit Solutions)

LEED Certificate

leed leadership in energy and environmental design green building

United States Green Building Council’s (USBGC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification offers universally-understood standards, tools and performance criteria for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. Points are awarded in various categories for items such as the use of sustainable materials, indoor environmental quality, energy generating systems, and water saving devices.

“System 4™ – the new generation of buildings” is expected to rank highly in each of the benchmarked criteria.

While sustainable buildings don’t cost more than traditional methods and materials they are in any event an investment in the future. With SYSTEM 4 the cost recouped over time with lower energy bills for heating, cooling and water heating. Everyone should take many factors into consideration, including upfront costs, when making building choices.

Building placement is a critical component in sustainable architecture that employs to exploit the benefits of the building environment and may naturally reduce energy consumption. New construction and addition sites should be analyzed for the most intelligent building location and the best fit within the constraints of the site.

Unit Solutions architecture means exploring options that work with our structure and your budget and at the same time being more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Unit Solutions with System 4 building practices that automatically increase insulation values and the new building structures take advantage of natural air, heating and cooling properties, and will greatly improve any heating, cooling systems while offer an amazing new levels of efficiency.

Most be recyclable and low-impact for our nature during any stage of the project and beyond future building life circle. Unit Solutions provides a realistic alternatives and options for sustainability over a building’s life. The building material, most be sustainably and should always improve indoor air quality, by saying with no (VOC) Volatile organic compound and since it’s your home it should always be an overall healthy and safe place to be in.

Sustainable architecture also focuses on smarter on-site construction waste, and must reduce the overall water using in production.