I would like to get involved but don’t know how I can help?

We welcome all the assistance we can get just spreading the word. You can email friends, post to Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks you use, whatever you feel is appropriate to do. We have some great share tools that make it easy. Thank you for supporting Unit Solutions!

Will System 4 work on any foundation?

The building’s anchoring system accommodates any type of foundation.

Will I be able to choose a different building size?

We’re also working to provide users future option with different styles and models.

Can system 4 be attached to me existing home, as an in-law house?

Yes indeed, but at this point we only have a few systems, you are able to attach the system to your home or garage… anything is possible – all you need to do is skip the walk-through or door opening of System 4 the new generation of buildings.

The buildings are limited by your imagination.

Will there be future add-on to the assembling kits?

Yes, we are working on several systems that can be easily adapted to your existing models.

Is there a builder’s support for system 4?

Yes, we have a support hotline lined up.

How long does it take to build the shed, garage or tiny home?

It differs in time, due to the fact that they are all different shape and sizes. It takes less than two hours for the shed. On your first DIY assembling kit it would take some time, but you will experience fun while building with System 4.

Will there be contractor team – to build my assembling kit?

We are working on contractor teams; they are the first to know how to build quick and easy, as it comes available.

Do I need to paint the inside or outside walls?

No. but it would look much better if painted. Some sidings come unfinished with no protecting paint, so if you ask me… if I would paint the outside – yes I would – you would protect the outside and it definitely would look much better.  Some assembling kits come with drywall, so if you like to give it a better look, paint it. We would for sure.

What happens if something breaks?

If there is something we can replace, depending on the damage we will. A standard manufacturer warranty will apply.

Where can I buy replacement master unit modules?

Directly from us and also through our preferred distributors, we are working as we speak to make them available in the major wholesalers from regular manufacturing Day 1.

When will I receive my order?

The first units are expected to be delivered in 2016.

What countries can System 4 be delivered to?

System 4™ can be delivered to the United States and Canada only. We want System 4™ to be available worldwide.

I am a distributor. How do I contact you?

Inquiries regarding future distribution opportunities of system 4 can be sent via email to info@unit-solutions.com. We will respond ASAP.

I am a Television Host – Home shopping, HOME ORDER TV - Who do I contact?

Inquiries regarding future Home order television opportunities of system 4 can be sent via email to info@unit-solutions.com. We will respond ASAP.

Why is shipping not included in the price?

Shipping costs vary depending on what you’re getting and where you are in the U.S.A. or Canada therefore, we believe that it is fair if everyone pays for their own shipping.

Does Unit Solutions have a warranty?

Yes a standard manufacturer warranty will apply.

Do I need to add the cost of shipping & taxes to my purchase?

Delivery costs through COD, VAT will be automatically added to your final purchase price when you choose your destination country. Other taxes, customs or import fees are not included.

What if I have a question about something not mentioned above?

If you have questions, you can always reach us at support@unit-solutions.com we receive a lot of special requests, and respond as fast as possible!

For Press and News inquiries please contact press@unit-solutions.com

Thank you for your interest in Unit Solutions

System 4 – the new generation of buildings!