UNIT SOLUTIONS sustainable strategy goes beyond reducing the use of energy; Sustainability is an integral part of our business. We see the most effective way to build homes must save worldwide resources and should protect our environment and mankind.


We look forward stepping into a new era of sustainability and freedom. Transforming future family homes towards energy independence. It is our intention to make the Master Unit (Building Hero) available worldwide.

Redefining the construction industry

We are in the position to support the global economic recovery plan by bringing people, technology, construction industry, environment and financial organization together around a new generation of buildings and its associated innovative business model.

With ”System 4 the new generation of buildings” UNIT SOLUTIONS will be honored to contribute to the Worlds strategy to improve building energy efficiency, striving towards a 21st century energy independence. UNIT SOLUTIONS;

  • are a business that brings people back together.
  • embody the generation of “the new deal” business that works at the speed of sustainable thought.
  • are prepared for the challenges of today’s building needs; our solution save worldwide resources and helps our environment!
  • stepping into a new Era of sustainability and freedom.

Unit Solutions will redefine the art of planning, constructing and shaping energy efficient buildings without compromising your personal lifestyle.

It's all about simplification and

The Challenge

Buildings consume more than 54% of all energy used in the world.

As an example more than $220 Billion is spent each year in the U.S. to provide heating, cooling, water heating and related services for buildings.

Energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings is a major cause for acid rain, smog and global warming, accounting to 47% of U.S. sulfur dioxide emissions, 22% of nitrogen oxide emissions and 35% of carbon dioxide emissions.

If we manage to reduce energy therefore carbon footprint CO2 emissions, than we have a