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Our innovative building hero

The Master Unit represents the core element of any System 4 building structure. It’s a lightweight, highly resistant, temperature-neutral, sound-absorbing, waterproof, environmentally friendly and non-toxic pre-fabricated plug in principle.

Master Unit

Length: 29.53 Inch / 75 cm
Width: 11,81 Inch / 30 cm
Height: 12,99 Inch / 33 cm
Gross Weight: 8,82 lb. / 4 kg


Length: 9,84 Inch / 25 cm
Diameter: 1,97 Inch / 5 cm

Plug it - You're done in time

Intellectual property

We worked with one of the world largest Patent and Trademark management firms to secure its know-how and get a world-class competitive edge in green technology. Patent pending’s on several utility models including trade mark and designs.

The Technical Building Principle has a PCT Patent which covers 256 countries.


EPP – High Tech Expanded Polypropylene – READ MORE

Density of the shaped part

143 Pounds/m³ = 65 kg/m³

Resistance to pressure

with 50% compression 420 kPa and 1.97 Inch/min/ = 50 mm/min (DIN 53421)

Stress-strain characteristics in compression

155 +/- 10 % (DIN 53577)

Permanent distortion

in accordance with DIN 53572

Remaining distortion with pressure (DVR)

with 50 % compression (23 °C/73F, 72h), DVR=45 %

Tensile strength

770 kPa +/- 10 % (DIN 53571)

Elongation at rupture

20.5 % +/- (DIN 53571)

Water absorption

smaller 1.1 vol % after 1 day (DIN 53571)

Temperature stability

between -40F / 40 °C and 122F / +50 °C

Combustion control

42 mm/min (FMVSS302)

Fire protection

Protected up to 1,500°F (816°C) – READ MORE

Thermal conductivity

0.04 W/mK (DIN 52612)


System 4’s thoughtful design and technology with an advanced modular plug in principle will take us into the next generation of buildings. While creating any building structure more effective, fun to build and Eco-friendly, an assortment of pre-fabricated (windows / doors / toilets etc.) units can be easily employed, even construction changes can be made very easily. Last but not least the system accommodates any type of foundation.

John Haritos
(Founder of Unit Solutions)


Intelligent solution

Due to System 4’s Building Hero and its tremendous temperature span and stability (minus -40 Fahrenheit / Celsius to plus +122 Fahrenheit / + 50 Celsius), we accomplish great energy savings. Our system brings in cool air when the outside is hot and warm air when the outside is cold, herewith contributing to an 86% energy consumption reduction.


Healthy solution

System 4’s associated construction ́s art brings natural air ventilation to the entire living space (coming from the air buffer between the outside cosmetic panels and the inside of the building structure). This allows a continuous flow of fresh air without any security risk. The system drastically reduce sources of allergies, are non-toxic with no VOC (Volatile organic compound), offer a dust free environment during construction and renovation.


Safe solution

Our Master Units are the building heroes and upholds the top load, but for security reason we have an Invisible anchoring load bearing system. Our Technology and therefore post and beam structure will meet all regulatory safety requirements of any state and are completely secure, accommodate any type of foundation and building architecture (from highly modern to traditional). The posts are the so called studs, they’re made out of Aluminum or steel pipes, depending on the size and building structure the more post the higher the weight that can be carried.

Ingenious diversity

System 4 includes several types of technical elements. By definition, each unit is a proprietary technical element which can be used individually or in any combination with one another.


Custom built

A wide assortment of pre-fabricated built-in units can be employed. Such as windows, doors, arches, toilets, showers, etc. THE MASTER UNIT itself, can also be produced with a wide amount of internal parts for electricity, water, kitchens, toilets, sinks etc.


We combine high-tech with simple things

During construction, location changes for electric outlets, light switches, in/out water etc. can be moved to different location and accommodate very easily.

There is minimal need for polluting and expensive heavy construction machinery on site.

System 4 – the new generation of buildings is a great option for new construction, as well building attachment projects.

Each building project requires limited planning time phases, which ultimately reduces overall construction costs. 

Type and shape of any System 4 structure are limited by your imagination only