#THINK DIFFERENT #our planet is unique in its beauty, we must conserve it

We’ve developed a sustainable building philosophy around a new generation of buildings; our goal is, to achieving as close to zero negative impact on your health and on the environment. To keep ourselves clear on how to get there, we consider our homes’ ecological footprint, from the first stage of planning and construction, through its lifetime of operation and change, and finally, at the end of its lifecycle when the home must be deconstructed or salvaged.

We start by dramatically reducing energy consumption by using System 4 the new generation of buildings. A “Unit Solutions” home save´s up to 86% energy for Heating, cooling and water heating. To make every home as efficient as possible, we have a simple to use ways to reduce the demand for energy, while building your new home as unique as possible. We do this while enjoying increasing your lifestyle with no limits.

Building structure is a conventional post and beam structure, we also use thermodynamic insulated windows to maintain a comfortable temperature in your new home. We make High-Tech that simple…

Our solution saves worldwide resources and protects our environment:
Your next home (building structure) should always have performance, health, and sustainability metrics; with this you’re providing an ecological footprint.

There are a number of voluntary “green” building standards. The recent proliferation of these standards makes it difficult to make meaningful comparisons between programs, or even between environmentally-conscious construction and traditional construction.

We use the United States Green Building Council (USBGC) LEED for Homes as our benchmark, because it is the most comprehensive and widely recognized program. LEED offers universally-understood standards, tools and performance criteria for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. Points are awarded in various categories for items such as the use of sustainable materials, indoor environmental quality, energy generating systems, and water saving devices.

Our building material is temperature stable between below – 40F and plus + 120F, you will enjoy 100% fresh air with no VOC (Volatile organic compounds) furthermore your home will meet any climate conditions.